Thank you for your interest in the advertising opportunities at the Salute America Air Show. Air shows are world-class entertainment in a festival-like environment, organized specifically for the communities that they represent, and the numerous benefits that they provide to sponsors and advertisers include:

  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Unrivaled market exposure and demographic penetration
  • Intense air show fan loyalty with exceptional attendee demographics
  • Unparalleled sampling and product give-away opportunities
  • Exclusive brand sponsorship tied to on-site displays and sales
  • Extensive ad and logo placement for sponsors throughout broad event marketing efforts
  • Excellent public relations exposure and charitable tie-ins

Beyond sponsorships Salute America offers two primary opportunities to market your organization. The first is our show program. Your advertisement in this special magazine will have a wide scope of readers within Paulding County and beyond. Our show book is handed out free of charge at the gate as spectators enter the show grounds. The show book is an attractive user friendly publication that will include the schedule of events, informative articles, performer information, map of the event site and so much more. The Salute Amreica show book is designed to be kept as a souvenir and referenced by the reader throughout the year.

Our outdoor advertising solutions are unique and highly limited in availability. We offer the ability to reach each and every attendee of the airshow by offering banners on the fence at the entrance gate and on site on our banner towers.

2015 Advertising Opportunities Brochure
2015 Salute America Air Show Advertising Order Form