Calvin Thompson – President

Calvin started flying over 42 years ago in the Navy, and has had the privilege to fly piston, turbine, and jet aircraft in his career. Calvin also has a helicopter license and has logged a total of over 11,000 hours fixed and rotary wing time. Calvin will tell anyone, “God has always ‘landed’ me on high ground, and he has blessed me with the ability and skill of flying. God is my pilot, and I am his copilot.”


Brent Sparks, Major (Retired) – Director

Flying has been in Brent’s life for as long as he can remember.   His father was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, so his exposure to aviation and airplanes was guaranteed. At seven years old, while watching a fighter jet do a practice air display for an up-coming airshow the hook was set. He learned to fly gliders at 15 years old, and at 17, earned his private pilot’s license.

Brent joined the Canadian Air Force in 1985, earning his wings in 1987.  After spending a few years instructing on the CT-114 jet, he realized his lifelong dream and began training to fly the F/A-18 Hornet.  He retired from the service in 2006, after having completed 20 years of dedicated service.  During that time he served with the United States Navy, flying the F/A-18 from several different aircraft carriers. A combat veteran, Brent retired with the rank of Major, the recipient of several decorations for service to both Canada and the United States.  Brent now flies the Boeing 747 for a major international airline, and resides in Paulding County, Georgia with his wife Amanda and two children, Chase and Hadley.