Air shows offer specifically unique, world-class, family entertainment, at affordable prices!  From the earliest barnstormers of the 1920s and 1930s to today’s highly professional aerobatic experts, air show pilots have demonstrated that the public’s interest in aviation entertainment is not a fad.  Year-in and year-out for more than 100 years, air shows have been among North America’s largest spectator events.

Local veterans and air show performers gathered together to create the Paulding Community Foundation, in an effort to bring the air show experience to their community.  The spark was born in 2012 with the very first annual show, Salute America 2012.  Each year, the foundation works hard to plan, create and grow this spectacular event.

Families from Paulding County and several surrounding counties attend this historical event to learn more about our country’s history and the men and women who fought for our freedom.  It is an event for veterans to be honored, military professional appreciated, and America celebrated.

Planes from history are available for children to touch, sit in, and pretend to pilot.  They are able to see “living history” in each one of these planes.  The pilots and owners are available to help educate on the history and part that each plane played during war time.  Each one has its own story and contribution in the history books.  Educating, inspiring, and celebrating are the mission of each Salute America air show.

The Salute America 2013 Airshow is officially hosted by the Paulding County Airport Authority and performed at the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (KPUJ).  This airport of the future is the first jet-capable airport to be built in Georgia in over thirty years.  The airport design was created to provide a foundation for the growth in aviation and industry in Paulding County.  The airport’s history and contribution to Paulding County are why it was chosen to host this memorable event.