Have you ever been on an airplane? Attended an airshow? Built and flown model airplanes? Would you like to win an airplane ride? We have a contest for you!

In 500 words or less tell us about your experience with planes. Your essay must relate to aviation, of course, but the actual perspective is up to you. Tell us about the first time you climbed aboard an airplane, or maybe the last time you did. Tell us about your adventure on the grounds during the airshow or the first time you flew a model airplane.

Maybe you have a relative who’s tied to aviation somehow … talk to them and tell us what you learned. There are really no limitations … except that you have only 500 words to tell us.

  • Due date is April 15th.
  • Submissions should be turned in to the student’s school
  • Contest open to all K-12 Paulding students
  • Each school will have a winner that will receive an airplane ride at the Paulding County Air Show.